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This lively concert march was composed in 1980, but the melody and chords to the trio were written by Pvt. Chester F. Kowalec in 1945, as the 3rd Armored Division Song. This powerful but lyrical march features accented rhythms, rich harmonies, strong countermelodies and an inventive fanfare.

In 1980 while serving as Bandmaster of the U.S.Army's 3rd Armored Division, Booker arranged a melody known to the soldiers as "Our Third Armored Division Song" for the use of the band. Documents indicated that the original tune was written in 1945 by Pvt. Chester F. Kowalec of the 33rd Armored Regiment, and according in surviving members of the Spearhead Division (nickname of the 3rd Armored Division) who had served during WWII, the Division Band and Choir sang the song at the last mass gathering of the troops at the close of the war. In 1996, the composer wrote new material to serve as the opening of the march, placing the 1980 setting of "Our Third Armored Division Song" in the position of honor as the march's trio. The introduction to Guns Up! quotes "Adjutant's Call" played by the trumpets, trombones and euphoniums in octaves. The first strain, which is more lively and vigorous. With a sudden shift of tonal center, the introduction to the trio begins with the bugle cal "To the Colors" which is often performed in place of the National Anthem. The melody of the trio is played first by the clarinets and saxophones, with the flutes, oboes, horns and trumpets joining later. A repeat of the melody, scored for the full band, features a strong bugle-like counter melody in the saxophones and horns. A contrapuntal fanfare for the brass climaxes in a modulation leading to the tonal statement of the melody, scored in grandioso style, using the same arrangement that military bands of today use when performing the 3rd Armored Division Song during the Pass in Review.


Verlag Southern Music Company
Art.Nr.: 219257
Kategorie: Marschmusik
Besetzung: Blasorchester  
Genre: Marschmusik  
Grad: 3 (mittelschwer bis schwer / Mittelstufe)  
Komponist: Charles L. Booker
Dauer: 03:20
Umfang: Partitur und Stimmen

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