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The Easy Folksong Fake Book

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Over 120 Songs in the Key of C


  • Casey Jones (Personality: Grateful Dead - Lyricist: T. Lawrence Seibert - Composer: Jerry Garcia)
  • Wayfaring Stranger (Personality: Johnny Cash - Lyricist: David Huntsinger, arr. - Arranger: Philip Keveren - Composer: Bill Cheatem)
  • Greensleeves (Personality: Olivia Newton-John - Composer: Stanley Yates - Arranger: Caponegro)
  • Tom Dooley (Personality: Lonnie Donnegan - Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Mike Jackson - Arranger: Mark Phillips)
  • I've Got Peace Like A River (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Traditional)
  • The Wabash Cannon Ball (Lyricist: Hobo Song - Composer: Hobo Song)
  • The Banana Boat Song (Personality: Tarriers - Lyricist: Erik Darling)
  • Simple Gifts (Personality: Christopher Parkening - Lyricist: Kathlyn Reynolds - Composer: Stephen Foster)
  • Worried Man Blues (Personality: The Carter Family - Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Phil Duncan)
  • All Night, All Day (Lyricist: Spiritual - Composer: Spiritual)
  • The Bamboo Flute (Lyricist: Chinese Folksong)
  • Hava Nagila (Let's Be Happy) (Lyricist: Moshe Nathanson - Composer: Abraham Z. Idelsohn)
  • All Through The Night (Personality: Peter, Paul & Mary)
  • Danny Boy (Personality: Charlotte Church - Lyricist: Traditional - Arranger: Paul Sartin - Composer: Edward Weatherly)
  • Auld Lang Syne (Lyricist: Robert Burns - Composer: Janet Davis - Personality: Joan Baez - Arranger: Maria Linnemann)
  • Frankie And Johnny (Personality: Jimmie Rodgers - Lyricist: Ben Weisman)
  • Deep River (Personality: Christopher Parkening - Lyricist: African-American Spiritual - Composer: Traditional)
  • Siyahamba (We Are Marching In The Light Of God) (Lyricist: African Folksong - Composer: African Folksong)
  • Aloha Oe (Lyricist: Queen Liliuokalani - Composer: Queen Liliuokalani - Personality: E. K. Rose)
  • Alouette (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Mike Jackson - Arranger: Michiel Merkies)
  • tis The Last Rose Of Summer (Lyricist: Tom Moore - Composer: Traditional)
  • Down In The Valley (Lyricist: Traditional American Folksong - Composer: Mike Jackson - Arranger: Mark Phillips)
  • Mrs. Murphy's Chowder (Lyricist: Irish Folksong - Composer: Irish Folksong)
  • Skip To My Lou (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Janet Davis - Arranger: Michiel Merkies)
  • Take Me Out To The Ball Game (Lyricist: Michael Lloyd - Composer: Vince Guaraldi)
  • Turkey In The Straw (Lyricist: American Folksong - Composer: Bill Cheatem - Arranger: Tom Hanway)
  • Animal Fair (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Michael Lloyd)
  • And The Green Grass Grows All Around (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Traditional)
  • Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen (Lyricist: African-American Spiritual - Composer: Traditional)
  • When The Saints Go Marching In (Lyricist: Katherine E. Purvis - Composer: Mel Bay - Arranger: Michiel Merkies)
  • Ballad Of Ned Kelly (Lyricist: 19th Century Australian - Composer: 19th Century Australian)
  • Camptown Races (Lyricist: Stephen Foster - Composer: Janet Davis - Arranger: Nico Dezaire)
  • Arkansas Traveler (Personality: Chet Atkins - Lyricist: Southern American Folksong - Composer: Janet Davis - Arranger: Tom Hanway)
  • If You're Happy And You Know It (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Glenda Austin (arr.))
  • Home On The Range (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: George L.O. Strid)
  • I've Been Working On The Railroad (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Carol Rosenstein)
  • The Ash Grove (Lyricist: Rodney Bennett - Composer: Stephen Foster)
  • A-Tisket A-Tasket (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Traditional)
  • Down By The Riverside (Lyricist: Traditional Spiritual - Composer: Jay Althouse)
  • Aura Lee (Lyricist: W.W. Fosdick - Composer: Mel Bay - Arranger: Michiel Merkies - Personality: Elvis Presley)
  • My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Kirby Shaw)
  • Santa Lucia (Lyricist: barone Zezza - Composer: Teodoro Cottrau)
  • Green Grow The Lilacs (Lyricist: Folk Song - Composer: Folk Song)
  • Yankee Doodle (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Johannes Brahms - Arranger: Michiel Merkies)
  • The Band Played On (Lyricist: John E. Palmer - Composer: Charles B. Ward)
  • Home Sweet Home (Personality: Payne & Bishop - Lyricist: John Howard Payne - Composer: John Howard Payne)
  • The Blue Bells Of Scotland (Lyricist: Mrs. Jordon, c. 18 - Composer: Mel Bay)
  • Country Gardens (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Traditional)
  • The Red River Valley (Lyricist: Traditional American Cowboy So - Composer: Traditional American Cowboy So)
  • John Henry (Personality: John Fahey - Lyricist: West Virginia Folksong - Composer: Phil Duncan - Arranger: Mark Phillips)
  • Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me (Lyricist: Billy Reeves - Composer: Lynn Brinckmeyer)
  • For He's A Jolly Good Fellow (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Traditional)
  • Polly Wolly Doodle (Lyricist: Traditional American Minstrel - Composer: Mike Jackson)
  • Grandfather's Clock (Lyricist: Henry Clay Work - Composer: Henry C. Work - Personality: Henry Clay Work)
  • Go Down, Moses (Lyricist: Traditional American Spiritual - Composer: Traditional American Spiritual)
  • Girl I Left Behind Me (Lyricist: Traditional Irish - Composer: Traditional Irish)
  • Beautiful Brown Eyes (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Janet Davis)
  • Beautiful Dreamer (Personality: The Beatles - Lyricist: Stephen Foster - Composer: Foster)
  • The Drunken Sailor (Lyricist: American Sea Chantey - Composer: American Sea Chantey)
  • Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Lyricist: Thomas Moore - Composer: Thomas Moore)
  • Blow The Man Down (Lyricist: Traditional Sea Chantey - Composer: Mike Jackson)
  • The Blue Tail Fly (Jimmy Crack Corn) (Lyricist: Daniel Decatur Emmett - Composer: Daniel Decatur Emmett)
  • Scarborough Fair (Personality: Simon & Garfunkel - Lyricist: Traditional English - Composer: Carrie Stuckert - Arranger: Mona Rejino)
  • Little Brown Jug (Lyricist: Joseph E. Winner - Composer: Janet Davis - Arranger: Nico Dezaire)
  • Botany Bay (Lyricist: Australian Folksong - Personality: The King's Singers - Composer: Mike Jackson)
  • Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes (Lyricist: Ben Jonson - Composer: 18th Century English Melody)
  • Buffalo Gals (Won't You Come Out Tonight?) (Lyricist: Cool White (John Hodges) - Composer: Cool White (John Hodges))
  • (I Wish I Was In) Dixie (Lyricist: Daniel Decatur Emmett - Composer: Daniel Decatur Emmett)
  • The Erie Canal (Lyricist: New York Work Song - Composer: New York Work Song)
  • House Of The Rising Sun (Lyricist: Southern American Folksong - Composer: Janet Davis - Arranger: Mark Phillips - Personality: The Animals)
  • The Man On The Flying Trapeze (Lyricist: George Leybourne - Composer: Alfred Lee)
  • When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Personality: The Canadian Brass - Lyricist: Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore - Composer: Stephen Foster)
  • The Yellow Rose Of Texas (Lyricist: J.K., 1858 - Composer: Janet Davis - Arranger: Ron Middlebrook)
  • Loch Lomond (Lyricist: Scottish Folksong - Composer: Scottish Folksong - Arranger: Maria Linnemann)
  • The Foggy, Foggy Dew (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Phil Duncan)
  • Shenandoah (Personality: Bob Dylan - Lyricist: Traditional American Folksong - Composer: Amerikaanse traditional - Arranger: Celius Dougherty)
  • The Streets Of Laredo (Lyricist: American Cowboy Song - Composer: American Cowboy Song - Arranger: Mark Phillips)
  • The Rambling Sailor (Lyricist: English Sea Chantey - Composer: English Sea Chantey)
  • Three Blind Mice (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Mike Jackson)
  • Carry Me Back To Old Virginny (Lyricist: James A. Bland - Composer: James A. Bland)
  • She'll Be Comin' 'round The Mountain (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: John Jacobson)
  • Chiapanecas (Lyricist: Mexican Folk Song - Composer: Mexican Folk Song)
  • Annabel Lee (Lyricist: Folk Song - Composer: Patti Drennan)
  • Cielito Lindo (My Pretty Darling) (Composer: C. Fernandez)
  • Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair (Lyricist: Stephen Foster - Composer: Stephen Foster)
  • Cindy (Lyricist: Southern Appalachian Folksong - Composer: Mel Bay)
  • He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (Lyricist: Traditional Spiritual - Composer: Mike Jackson)
  • (Oh, My Darling) Clementine (Lyricist: Percy Montrose - Composer: Percy Montrose)
  • Cockles And Mussels (Molly Malone) (Lyricist: Traditional Irish Folksong - Composer: Traditional Irish Folksong)
  • La Cucaracha (Lyricist: Mexican Revolution Folksong - Composer: Janet Davis)
  • Funiculi, Funicula (Lyricist: Traditional English)
  • Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen (You, You Weigh On My Heart) (Lyricist: German Folksong)
  • I Gave My Love A Cherry (The Riddle Song) (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Traditional - Arranger: Mark Phillips)
  • Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Personality: Johnny Cash - Lyricist: Eddy Arnold - Composer: Mike Jackson)
  • My Old Kentucky Home (Lyricist: Stephen Foster - Composer: Stephen Foster)
  • My Wild Irish Rose (Lyricist: Chauncey Olcott - Composer: Chauncey Olcott)
  • Old Folks At Home (Swanee River) (Lyricist: Stephen Foster - Composer: Stephen Foster)
  • School Days (When We Were A Couple Of Kids) (Lyricist: Will D. Cobb - Composer: Gus Edwards)
  • Matilda (Lyricist: Traditional Folk Song - Composer: Traditional Folk Song - Personality: Alt-J)
  • Flow Gently, Sweet Afton (Lyricist: Robert Burns - Composer: Alexander Hume)
  • Frere Jacques (Are You Sleeping?) (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Traditional)
  • Mexican Hat Dance (Jarabe Topatio) (Composer: F.A. Partichela)
  • o Sole Mio (Lyricist: Giovanni Capurro - Composer: Eduardo di Capua)
  • Oh! Susanna (Lyricist: Stephen Foster - Composer: Stephen Foster)
  • Old Black Joe (Lyricist: Stephen Foster - Composer: Stephen Foster)
  • The Old Gray Mare (Lyricist: J. Warner - Composer: J. Warner)
  • Over The Waves (Composer: Juventino Rosas)
  • Pop Goes The Weasel (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Traditional)
  • Ring Around The Rosie (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Traditional)
  • Rock-A-Bye, Baby (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Traditional)
  • Sailing, Sailing (Lyricist: Godfrey Marks - Composer: Godfrey Marks)
  • Sailors Hornpipe (Lyricist: Sea Chantey - Composer: Sea Chantey)
  • Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) (Lyricist: Trad. Japanese Folk Song - Composer: Trad. Japanese Folk Song)
  • She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (Lyricist: George A. Norton - Composer: George A. Norton)
  • Short'nin' Bread (Lyricist: Plantation Song - Composer: Plantation Song)
  • Sing A Song Of Sixpence (Lyricist: Traditional - Composer: Traditional)
  • Sweet Betsy From Pike (Lyricist: American Folksong - Composer: Bud Ford)
  • Song Of The Volga Boatman (Lyricist: Russian Folk Song - Composer: Russian Folk Song)
  • Hatikvah (With Hope) (Lyricist: N.H. Imber - Composer: Traditional Hebrew Melody)
  • Jenny Jenkins (Lyricist: Folk Song - Composer: Folk Song)
  • All God's Children Got Shoes (Lyricist: Spiritual - Composer: Spiritual)

Verlag Hal Leonard
Art.Nr.: 133864
Kategorie: C-Instrumente
Besetzung: C-Instrumente
Ausgabe: SoloSammelausgabe
Genre: Folklore
Grad: 2 (leicht bis mittelschwer / Unterstufe)  
Format: 23 x 30,5 cm
Ausgabe: Buch

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