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Niese, Roger

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Klassik, Suite Noten für Blasorchester

Ballet Suite Nr. 5 - The Bolt

Dmitri Shostakovitch' ballet "The Bolt" is a full-length ballet with three acts and seven scenes. Shostakovitch fashioned a suite (Suite no. 5) of eight movements in 1931 wich was first...
209,72 € *

Intermezzo, Klassik Noten für Blasorchester

Intermezzo Sinfonico (from the Opera Cavalleria Rusticana)

"Cavalleria Rusticana" from Pietro Mascagni is a so-called "verismo" opera that would endure for more than a decade. The "Intermezzo Sinfonico" is the most well known part of the opera.
95,23 € *

Polka Noten für Blasorchester

Eljen a Magyar! Polka schnell

Johann Strauss jr. composed a great amount of polka's, mazurka's and marsches to perform with his own orchestra that played on "dance soirees" in Vienna. His polka opus 332 "Eljen a Magyar!"...
95,23 € *

Weihnachten & Advent Noten für Blasorchester

Sleigh Ride

"Sleigh Ride" is a composition of British composer Frederick Delius (1862-1934). It is a typical piece by Delius that fits the style of his (much) later miniatures as "On hearing the first cuckoo...
125,19 € *

Polka Noten für Blasorchester

Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka - Polka schnell

"Tristsch Tratsch" was a satirical magazine in Vienna in. In 1858 it printed a profile of Johann Strauss. Strauss answered that reproach by writing a quick polka which musically imitated a gossip...
95,23 € *

Oper & Operette, Solowerk Noten für Blasorchester

Wolgalied from "Der Zarewitsch" - Solo für Euphonium

"Der Zarewitsch" is one of those succesful operetta's of Franz Lehar. In the "Wolgalied" the Zarewich sings of his isolation. In this transcription the solo part of the Zarewitsch is played by...
95,23 € *

Oper & Operette, Marschmusik Noten für Blasorchester

Berliner Luft

Paul Lincke (1866-1946) is Germany's best known operetta composer and often compared with Austria's Johann Strauss. The march "Berliner Luft" is still one of the most famous melody's around...
125,19 € *

Solowerk Noten für Blasorchester

Concerto for Bassoon

187,25 € *

Oper & Operette Noten für Blasorchester

Danse Bohémienne from the Opera La jolie fille de Perth

"Danse Bohemienne" ist aus der Oper "La jolie fille the Perth" von George Bizet in einem Arrangement von Roger Niese.
125,19 € *

Noten für Blasorchester

Die Fledermaus

170,13 € *

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