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Noten für Blasorchester Hebrew Folk Song Suite Nr.2

89,80 €

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Verlag: TRN Music Publisher Inc.  
Art.Nr.: 288619
Kategorie: Suiten
Besetzung: Blasorchester  
Komponist: Leroy Osmon
Genre: Traditional, Suite, Konzertwerk
Grad: 3 (mittelschwer bis schwer / Mittelstufe)  
Dauer: 06:20
The first movement, Jacob' Song, is a traditional folk song that tells the Biblical story of Jacob. There are quotes from the Australian /American composer Percy Grainger.The second Movement, titled Tzur Yisraeil, is from the Jewish High Holy Day service and means 'always Israel'. The energetic finale, Nigun Bialik, once again quotas Percy Grainger but in a less obvious fashion. A Nigun is a 'song' and Bialik was a great Jewish philosopher, so the literally translates as 'the sonf of Bialik'.

Hebrew Folk Song Suite #2 was commissioned and premiered by Steve Sulak and the J.L. Williams Schgool Band of Copperas Cove, Texas in May of 1981. This work is 'lovingly dedicated to the memory of Patti Call' who died in an automobile crash in the night before she was to graduate from high school. Patti call had played horn in my band and in the school's woodwind quintet. I had moved to another school by the time she would have graduated; however, I received a letter one week before her untimely death stating her hopes of becoming a band director adding, in her very special way, 'where do you think I got that idea?'The composer

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Hebrew Folk Song Suite Nr.2

Hebrew Folk Song Suite Nr.2

Besetzung: Blasorchester | Grad: 3

89,80 € *


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