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An Astrological Composition - Astrology is based on the principle that each sort of time has its own quality. In order to determine the quality of a particular moment, an astrologer looks at the position of the planets in the solar sustem at that moment. Each planet has specific types of energies and its location provides unique information for a certain moment on Earth. Thus: its position in the sky tells something about what happens on Earth. In this composition the types of energies of four planets are musically translated. The four planet were not randomly chosen. There are two pairs, whose influence and energy are opposite. Venus and Mars Venus represents the feminine principle: harmony, beauty, art, and the ability to make relationships and to keep the peace. Venus connects, and communicates in order to maintain the balance. Mars represent the masculine principle: winning, impulsiveness, enthusiasm, and sexual energy for procreation. He creates war enabling the strongest to triumph. Mars is musically depicted in a stirring march in which enthusiasm characterises the masculine character.

Saturn and Jupiter Saturn represents concentration and withdrawal: the strong notion of responsibility, seriousness, self-discipline and melancholy. Saturn is the hermit who will conquer his fears and worries in minimal conditions and by self-chastisement. This contemplative character is depicted in the music as if it is almost standing still, which also reflects the given character of this planet. Jupiter represents growth and expansion: the positive, self-confidence, the good Samaritan, the healer. Jupiter is the philosopher who will make the world a better place, sees future possibilities, and searches for eternal values. He is the prophet who sometimes rants and raves his doctrine and proclamations, resulting musically in a whirling and upbeat finale; not looking back at what has been but searching for new challenges. Heaven and Earth was commisioned by the Music Lending and Information Centre (MUI), a department of the library for the province of Gelderland in Arnhem, The Netherlands.


Verlag Gobelin Music Publications
Art.Nr.: 115821
Kategorie: Wettbewerbsstück
Besetzung: Blasorchester  
Genre: KonzertwerkWettbewerbsstück
Grad: 5 (sehr schwer / Höchststufe)  
Komponist: Jan Bosveld
Dauer: 11:00

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