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Sinfonie, Klassik Noten für Blasorchester

Symphony Nr. 5 e minor - 4. Finale

The fourth movement (Finale) of Tschaikowsky's Symphony no. 5, beginning and ending as a triumphal march, might be thought to represent the victory of the will, since the fate theme of the earlier...
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Sinfonie, Klassik Noten für Blasorchester

Toy Symphonie (Kindersinfonie)

The "Toy Symphony", (Kinder-Sinfonie) was also published as "Sinfonia Berchtolsgadensis" because it was written for instruments that were manufactured in the toy industry of Berchtensgaden that...
135,89 € *

Polka Noten für Blasorchester

Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka - Polka schnell

"Tristsch Tratsch" was a satirical magazine in Vienna in. In 1858 it printed a profile of Johann Strauss. Strauss answered that reproach by writing a quick polka which musically imitated a gossip...
95,23 € *

Oper & Operette, Solowerk Noten für Blasorchester

Wolgalied from "Der Zarewitsch" - Solo für Euphonium

"Der Zarewitsch" is one of those succesful operetta's of Franz Lehar. In the "Wolgalied" the Zarewich sings of his isolation. In this transcription the solo part of the Zarewitsch is played by...
95,23 € *

Marschmusik Noten für Blasorchester

Über Berg, über Tal (Over Hill, Over Dale)

Franz von Suppe composed about 30 operettas and 180 farces, ballets, and other stage works. Besides opera's Suppe wrote serveral marches such as this "Über Berg, über Tal" (Over Hill,...
95,23 € *

Oper & Operette, Ouvertüre Noten für Blasorchester

Eine Nacht in Venedig - Overture

Johann Strauss's operetta "Eine Nacht in Venedig" (A Night in Venice) premiered 1883 in Berlin and is his only operetta to be premiered outside Vienna.
135,89 € *

Konzertwerk, Marschmusik, Klassik Noten für Blasorchester

Indigo Marsch Opus 349

"Indigo und die vierzig Räuber" (Indigo and the Forty Thieves) was Johann Strauss' very first operetta which was first staged in 1871 at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna, Austria. Later he...
84,53 € *

Oper & Operette, Walzer Noten für Blasorchester

Kuss-Walzer Opus 400

Johann Strauss composed the "Kuss-Walzer" (Kiss Waltz) in 1881. Eduard Strauss, the composer's brother, first conducted the orchestral piece at the Court Ball in Vienna in 1882.
135,89 € *

Walzer Noten für Blasorchester

Les Patineurs Valse - The Skaters' Waltz

"Les Patineurs Valse" (opus 183), known in English as "The Skaters' Waltz", was composed in 1882 and inspired by the "Cercle des Patineurs" or "Rink of Skaters" at the Bois de Boulogne in Paris....
125,19 € *

Konzertwerk, Klassik Noten für Blasorchester

Orpheus Quadrille on themes by Jacques Offenbach

In 1860 the curtain rose the first time of Offenbach's parody of Greek mythology, "Orphee aux enfers" ("Orpheus in the Underworld"). Sitting among the audience in the stalls was Johann Strauss and...
125,19 € *

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